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Get Dressed Quickly With These Fashion Looks

Many women have trouble deciding on what to wear. This can be the result of a lack of clear direction with one’s wardrobe. Often we have more than enough clothing, but feel like we have “nothing to wear” because we don’t have a vision of our personal style.

Instead, why not pick a signature look? Try one of these popular looks that women today choose:

The casual look: This look is classic, streamlined, no-fuss and no-frills. You can actually dress it up or down, but the key to this look is that it is uncomplicated. Think jeans and plain shirts, pants or slacks, blazers, and so on. If this is your style, stay away from the latest trends and from anything that is cutesy, overly adorned, or revealing.

Color also factors into the casual look. Choose from a palette of plain, natural colors: black, navy, grey, white, and khaki are good. Simple, unadorned, and a bit unisex sums up this look.

The bombshell look: This look is the perfect choice for a woman who has a great figure and is not afraid to show it off. By choosing the bombshell look, you will be drawing attention to your curves with form-fitting and clinging clothing items.

Tight jeans, soft fitted sweaters, beautifully draping dresses are all great choices. Stay away from busy prints and fussy adornment, because these can take attention away from your figure.

The bohemian look: Consider this look if you are artsy, edgy, trendy and eclectic in your tastes. Bohemian is not about just tossing something loose and flowing on and calling it a day. This style mixes trends and styles to give an unusual and visually interesting effect. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Unlike the bombshell and the casual dresser, you should avoid plain colors. Think color and texture. Borrow inspiration from cultures around the world. Check out fashion photo blogs such as The Sartorialist for examples of how quirky dressing is managed in various countries. Just don’t go overboard. You want to look interesting and edgy, but not like you are wearing a costume.

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