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Poison Ivy- Is It Transmittable Or Not

The plants like that of poison sumac are quite poisonous. The poison Ivy too comes in the same category. All these plants contain the urushiol sap and this is quite dangerous for your skin. This urushiol sap is responsible for the rashes. This is the most dangerous thing which you will ever come across. Generally you might touch the poison Ivy plant when you are moving through the long trails. You might be on camping and enjoying yourself and suddenly you tough this poisonous plant. If you wash out everything within few minutes then you will not feel any problem otherwise you might face the music sometimes as well. But the real question is that is it contagious. This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

You should at first try to keep one thing in your mind that the Poison Ivy is certainly not contagious. The wound caused by it is not transmittable. You need to keep this thing in your mind. When you come in contact with the plant then the urushiol might cause lots of problem for you. You might fell in lots of trouble.

At first the rashes will appear. Then these rashes will change into the lining. The lining will open up and the pus or a watery substance will flow out of it. This will take at least one month to heal. You might feel that this is a bit tricky but you will soon find out that you cannot cure it. You will have to wait for month before the wound finally heals up.

However as I have discussed above you will be quite satisfied to note that this will not spread from one person to another. However if you will talk about the pus then you will realize that the pus should be cleaned up properly and regularly. If you will not clean the pus properly then you will certainly be able to find yourself in problem. The wound would certainly increase. Even if you are the second person and you by mistake touch the pus on some others body then you will get the wound. This is certainly quite important that you clean the pus properly. Other wise you have to blame yourself.

Thus we come to one conclusion that this disease is not transmitted from one person to another. But you are required to keep the wound quite clean. Otherwise it will grow all over your body wherever the pus will flow. You should be hygienic.

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