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Pioneer Pdp505CMX 50 Hd Plasma Display (o-o, Price: £170)

This 169 widescreen plasma set a bright display that will look good in any room on any wall or on any surface. It comes standard with both basic video and Pc inputs and is easily expandable to accommodate a variety of different sources. Image Panasonics Multi-Facet Asymmetrical Configuration Hyper-Pixel (Mach) panel features new materials and technology that improves the light-emitting efficiency and intensity of their plasma screens. The result is a deeper contrast ratio (up to 30001 in dark areas 2048 shades of gradation (4096 shades via Hdmi or Dvi connection and optional accessory board3.62 billion full-time displayable colors. It boasts a 1366 x 768 resolution and is compatible with a whole host of Hd signals from 1080i to 480p.