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PETA issues death threat against Melbourne fashion designer Alannah Hill

DESIGNER Alannah Hill this week issued a terse statement denouncing animal rights group PETA after allegedly receiving a death threat from someone claiming an affiliation to the organisation.

“Tuesday 4th August, Police were called by iconic Australian Fashion Designer, Alannah Hill to investigate a disturbing and heated death threat …,” the designer’s statement to Confidential read.

“It was from the notorious PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Organisation.”

The emailed threat, provided to Sydney Confidential, by representatives for Hill, states: “Dear Hill, IM(sic) GOING TO KILL YOU SERIOUSLY IF YOU DONT STOP YOUR(sic) DEAD. NO1 WANTS TO BUY YOUR SHIT, Sincerely ssssss ssssss”.

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The threat was sent via email from an address listed as [email protected].

PETA members recently conducted a protest outside the Melbourne designer’s flagship boutique in South Yarra.

Dressed in Grim Reaper outfits, they accused Hill of being the “Designer of Death” for using rabbit fur in recent designs.

Hill has informed police she has been targeted in an email campaign, with more than 670 abusive emails bombarding the designer in recent days. By yesterday, she had been advised to enlist 24-hour security.

“I’m both anxious and worried by the ongoing abuse,” she said. “PETA are encouraging outlandish and unacceptable behaviour and extremism by harassing and abusing customers entering my boutiques and having supporters dress as (the) Grim Reaper.”

When PETA’s Asia Pacific headquarters was contacted last night, a campaigner said the organisation was opposed to Hill’s use of rabbit fur but denied it was behind the threat.

“That’s not something PETA ever does,” Ashley Furno said. “Our entire philosophy is based on compassion to all beings.”

Including Hill, it would seem.

Hill’s latest collection has rabbit fur on five or six pieces, including cardigans and a coat.

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How ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it ok to eat meat but not use the fur of the animal???? I understand protected species, or those that are only being killed for their fur. Do you…