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Personalized Rings – Great Holiday Gifts

Custom made and personalized rings and jewelry have been around for centuries. Some had legal significance as in the rings worn by Egyptian pharaohs. Others are worn as a sign of love given as a gift, or even to remember a lost one or pet. Personalized rings make wonderful gifts and are a big hit this coming holiday season – or for any reason at all.

Traditionally, couples love to have something personal engraved into a wedding band. It could be short and sweet or even the first line of their vows. These same rings can be further personalized with their favorite stones or more intricate engraved designs.

Pope John Paul II is said to have had a ring presented to him by his mother that not only included his initials but the entire Lord’s Prayer. Hugh Heffner is rumored to have had a ring made that was engraved with the measurements of his favorite Playboy Bunnies.

Whatever your personal tastes or reasons for having a custom ring designed and /or engraved, it can most likely be done. Your only limits are of course size of the ring vs. The amount of script.

In some cases you can even have the engraving done on a special machine found in some mall kiosks. You’d purchase the ring, choose the style of the engraving, the placement of the engraving, and then type what you’d like to see engraved. The concept is similar to buying a pet tag for your dog at a local pet store.

Be careful of what metals you choose to engrave. Gold tends to be very soft and even though you’ll be able to have it engraved, it may wear down after a few years. It’s not always possible to have the process done again without causing some damage or band breakage. Silver and the new fad, stainless steel, tend to be stronger.

Other popular materials that people like to have engraved are coral or jade and occasionally wood.

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