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Pandora Charms Not Your Regular Charm Bracelet

Pandora Charms isn’t your childhood charm bracelet, but it can be just as unique. Do you remember the first charm bracelet you wore as a young woman? You were so proud of every new charm that you added to your collection and compared it to your friends’ bracelets. Maybe you had a roller skate, a ballet slipper, or a pom-pom. There were puppy and kitten charms to represent a favorite pet. You’d look for a new charm to represent each new interest or accomplishment. As a souvenir from an exciting holiday, you would add another charm. Before long, you had quite a dangly bracelet around your wrist. While you treasured it, you have got to admit it often got caught on things and perhaps even ruined some sweaters.

Perhaps you continue to have that recent charm bracelet housed somewhere in your Jewelry box. When you come across it, you have a look at every charm and remember something precious from your childhood. Maybe you wouldn’t ever fantasize of wearing it once more, however you are not getting rid of it either. Pandora Charms is an elegant adult version of the charm bracelet. These charms are designed to represent things that are special to you whether it’s a new baby or a favorite holiday, but Pandora Charms are terribly unique from the dangly silver and gold creations of past.

When starting off to make your Charm Bracelet you have to first decide on what type of Bracelet you want. Choose from silver, silver with a gold clasp, or luxurious 14K gold. Bracelets come with either a lobster catch or the Pandora clasp that looks simply like another Pandora Charm and will fit in seamlessly with everything else on your new bracelet. Measure your wrist and add 1.5 inches for the perfect fit when determining your bracelet size. Clip choice is the next step. You can choose the same ones for symmetry or opt for totally different ones for variety. These clips can divide your bracelet into totally different sections and stop the charms from slipping off when you remove your bracelet. The clips will be fun to choose because they are also Pandora Charms. The fun part comes next. Choose from over 900 Pandora Charms to represent your interests and style. Finally, add some spacers to add dimension to your bracelet or to set off that special charm.

Pandora charms can either be made from gold or silver. Many feature gemstones or semi-precious stones. There are too many special events in your life to list, however here are some that you may mark with a special Pandora Charm:

1. Your birthday or the birth of a kid with a Pandora Birthstone Charm 2. Your favorite vacation with a Pandora Vacation Charm 3. Your child’s graduation with a Pandora Graduation Charm 4. Your religion with a Pandora Religion Charm. is the love child of McBurney Junction, a lifestyle store located in Langley, British Columbia, who first opened their doors in the fall of 1999. It is the ultimate shopping destination for pandora jewelry, Pandora charm bracelets, and Pandora charm necklaces. Visit the website NOW!