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Out of Body Travel Down Through the Ages

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians out of body travel has been recorded by various cultures. The Egyptians called the astral body or soul, Kha and produced images of the astral body hovering just over or beyond the real body. Often it was depicted as translucent, airy and haloed.

Fascinated by the astral body the ancient Egyptians experimented with various techniques in order to control the ability to travel in the astral body to other planes of space and time, while their physical body stayed put where it lay. Perhaps, during such experiences they learned the skills required for building the pyramids, using the materials they had on hand. The building of the pyramids is something that has long been a puzzle to scientists.

It’s recorded that meditation, nearly to the point of sleep, was the first component of out of body travel for the ancient Egyptians, followed by then concentrating on nothing but the visions one sees while his or her eyes were closed. Often, flashes of lights and patterns appeared, which the ancient Egyptians attributed to the beginnings of the astral body’s journey to other planes of time and space.

When this state passed, the astral body was said to then enter into an emergence phase, which in turn caused the physical body to hum or tingle and then feel very heavy. The ancients believed this feeling of tingling and heaviness was actually the feeling of the astral body pulling away from the physical body, and initiating the out of body journey into the unknown.

This could be accomplished in various ways. However, the most common practice was that of simply walking out of ones physical body. This would begin through the minds eye, then followed by the shoulders, chest, hips, legs, knees and then the feet until two entities of a astral body and physical body appeared.

Once separated, the astral body was then not only free to pass through the solid objects that restrained the physical body, but to hover and fly as well without being affected by the changes in atmosphere or the lack of oxygen.

Recordings of the ancient Greeks include examples of out of body astral travel, which expanded on the meditatively-induced state of the ancient Egyptians. This included the experiences of out of body travel by the means of some sort of mental or physical trauma. Plutarch of Queroneia an ancient historian cites that Arisdeu had suffered a blunt head trauma after falling and then slipped into a coma that lasted three days.

During this time the experience of Arisdeu included seeing his immobile physical body on the ground, although he was able to freely move about. He was able to travel out of body to previously unimagined places. After adapting to this new environment, the spirit guide of Arideu met him and assisted him and then advised him of the projection of his astral body into other dimensions.

While in this altered state he was able to explore and learn, although he was forcibly pulled back into his physical body. There he spent the rest of his life applying what he had learned during his out of body experience.

The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks aren’t the only ones with recorded history of out of body travel. Native American history is also full of several accounts of similar experiences, often featuring spirit animals and/or guides meeting and advising an individual’s astral body. For centuries, Native Americans have burned certain plants and inhaled their smoke in order to ease the mind into the state necessary to begin out of body travel.

The ability or the human body to explore various spheres of space and time is possible. The ability to do so has been recorded since the time of the ancients. Channeling our consciousness into a spiritual body is possible. However, along the way many have forgotten how to do such a natural thing. Knowing how to alter our consciousness to the point that we can release it from the confines of our physical limitations, seems lost to so many modern individuals. However, with patience and practice we can relearn how to astral travel to meet our spiritual guides on the higher astral planes.

In order to reopen this door to higher planes within us all, we have to remember how we can reconnect with our higher, spiritual selves. Once we are able to do this, we are able to use our out of body experiences to reach the higher planes of existence. This natural process is unlimited in its possibilities. When we are able to rediscover this natural part of us that so many have forgotten, we open ourselves up to the potentials of traveling the astral plane and understanding our higher, spiritual self.

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