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Origins Of Self Storage

According to history, people during the early civilizations had so little in terms of belongings that they had no difficulty with packing and settling to another venue in one day’s notice. Trouble-free vagrants as they were, they probably did not have any patience to methodically pack for days since they knew they would be traveling for a long period of time.

People back then kept what they needed and just gave away or left what they thought were superfluous. The old civilization vagrants were too practical to even consider self storage then.

Then how did self storage come about if they weren’t so keen on the thought.

Back in ancient China, people used to keep their personal stuff in clay pots as a way to conceal their valuables. These clay pots were concealed underground and were kept an eye on so nobody could taken them. For 6,000 years, they had practiced this.

The British, meanwhile, had another way in keeping their valuables safe and sound. Dignitaries used to secure their belongings in banks, which hired moving firms to ensure the safety of the belongings.

The companies then had their own meaning of self storage. The method involves putting their valuable items in crates and covering them safely in attics or stables with watchers on guard.

Indeed, protecting treasures and other precious things in the past needed many individuals, and posed quite a challenge even to the owner of the items being kept. Recovery of these covered valuables was apparently difficult, though this could have been one aspect added to be sure the items were protected against thievery. Just envision having to dig up your clay pots, or journey to the loft where your items were being kept!

Nowadays, self storage is simpler, thanks to Russ Williams of a place called Odessa in Texas. Fishing fanatic Mr. Williams, who worked in the oil business, had marveled where to keep his fishing equipment and his boat.

So he bought a series of garages and apartments, renting them to other businesses in the oil industry. And that was how self storage got in the present times.

With the space-saving benefit of self storage, it has become essential for those who require a facility distinguish from their homes to store their things. It is an increasing need for people who constantly acquire new things without their living space getting bigger.

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