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Origin of Teva Sandals

Teva is one of the most famous sandal manufacturing companies in the industry today and it was founded and owned by Mark Thatcher. While working in the Grand Canyon as rafting guide, Thatcher spotted that most of the boatmen used to wear hiking or athletic shoes while in the river and he himself wore thongs or flip flops.

There are difficulties in wearing both types of shoes in the water. Hiking or athletic shoes become very wet while water, because of which wearers get fungus and gravel on their feet. Flip flops and thongs get out of the feet of the wearer very easily when he runs, which is also a major drawback for people involved in water activities.

After spending some time, Mark Thatcher designed a sandal in which nylon ankle strap was used to support the feet of the wearer, although the shape of the shoe was just like a thong. Luckily, Velcro material also came up during the same period when was looking for an option for thongs. He used Velcro to strap around the ankles so that the sandal remained bound to the wearer’s feet. After making this sample, he realized that he did not have enough finances to start manufacturing these sandals and thus, he needed to search for a manufacturer to produce his sandals.

In the first year of their production, he succeeded in selling only 200 pairs designed by him. This was because many people complained about the thong style straps of the shoes while some got blisters in between their 1st and 2nd toes due to the straps. In the following year, youngsters of America noticed these sandals as fashionable footwear and their sales increased over night.

At this time, Mark Thatcher and Deckers Corporation became partners and eventually, Deckers also got exclusive rights to the Tevas with their patent for the basic design. They also got trademark for Tevas as the brand name.

In the year 1988, Deckers re-designed the Tevas and developed a new system of strapping, producing the first model of the line named as Hurricane. This new system of strapping consisted of three parts: the heel strap, the toe post and side strap. The basic design of the Teva sandals manufactured today still follow the design of the Hurricane.

All the sandals produced by Teva today are very comfortable to wear and are free from causing any foot related problems for the wearer. The soles of these sandals are harder and thus, they provide better grip to the wearer while walking on wet surfaces and even while in water.

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