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Organic makeup remover under $5

Organic makeup remover I can afford? The economy is down, budgets are tight and we all think organic products are too expensive now. Well guess what?

We found organic makeup remover for under $5 plus we have ideas to make your own organic makeup remover. Take a peek.

Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Bar Soap

This bar is made with olive oil that has been used for centuries to nourish and moisturize skin. It is combined with aloe vera which is so healing it’s used for sunburn.

This cleansing and softening bar is suitable for all skin types. It doesn’t get simpler and can be used as an organic makeup remover.

Aura Cacia sesame seed oil

Sesame Seed Oil is a skin-nourishing plant oil that softens, has antioxidants and natural vitamin B. Sesame Seed Oil is known for cell regeneration, anti-bacterial and attracts skin oil which is washed away with warm water.

In India, sesame seed oil is used by Ayurveda medicine for natural skincare. Ayurveda balances body systems so sesame seed oil is great for oily skincare or dry skincare. Sesame Seed Oil is found in many natural skincare products like organic makeup remover.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is excellent for skin. Even oily skin needs grease to cut oil so use it to remove makeup and oil. Coconut oil is plant saturated fat rather than animal saturated fat so it’s good for acne because it penetrates pores. Plus, it has 7 fungicides which kill bacteria including candida. Spread a small amount over face and rinse with warm water.

Natracare organic cotton baby wipes

These baby wipes are pure organic cotton with organic: apricot oil, chamomile and linden. Linden makes all ingredients work better together. Chamomile is healing to skin rashes including acne and is mild enough for sensitive skin. Use these wipes for baby and for organic makeup remover.

Reviva Labs Organic Cleansing Milk

Reviva Labs Organic Cleansing Milk has aloe vera, organic herbs, floral water, and vegetable extracts that penetrate pores to flush makeup. Ginger cuts through acne eruptions and geranium is an astringent.

Angelica, thyme and caprylic acid are antiviral and antibacterial. All the vegetable oils in this product are moisturizing leaving it smooth and silky especially for an organic makeup remover.

Author is a certified National Product Specialist trained to recommend natural health products