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Newborn Baby Layette – Deciding What You Need for Your Baby

Of course, you will have everyone’s advice and opinions on what you should buy for your layette. Many will even buy it for you or you will receive it at a baby shower. Buying it yourself is a lot of fun but trying to determine what you will need, especially if you are a first time mom, can be a challenging job. Keep in mind while shopping and making sure you have everything that the time of the year your baby will be born will make a difference as well as whether or not you know if you are having a boy or girl. Sometimes, even sonograms are inaccurate though, so be careful and make sure everything is returnable or buy in neutral colors, that will go for a boy or a girl.

Below is a good start to what you could buy to start the baby’s layette:

* Diapers – approximately 350 for your first month if you are using disposable or 4 dozen if you are using cloth

*Cotton Mittens – 1 or 2 pairs should be good in helping to keep sharp infant fingernails away.

* Burping Cloths – about 12 so you can always have clean ones on hand.

* Receiving Blankets – eight to ten

* Baby Socks or Baby Booties – eight to 10 pair

* 7-9 bodysuits, like the One sies brand. You can never have enough of these.

* 5-6 tee shirts that have side snaps for easy changing

* 2-3 baby gowns with drawstrings at the bottom or sleepers

* 2-3 cotton baby hats

* Shirts/tops – two to three

* 2-3 pants

* One Piece Outfits – two to three

* Baby Bibs – 4 to 6

* Don’t forget your homecoming outfit!

If your baby is born in the Summer months some good things to have also would include:

* 1 Swim Suit

* A very lightweight blanket

* A baby bonnet or hat very lightweight

* A lightweight jacket with a hood preferably

Below are a few good things to start with for a Winter baby:

* A snowsuit

* A car seat cover

* Blanket Sleepers – 2 to 3

* Possibly a sweater or 2

* Baby hats

* Baby mittens

* Warm blankets for babies

Make sure you purchase baby laundry detergent as well as fabric softener to wash your baby’s new clothing before he or she arrives. You will want to make sure you have removed any irritants that could have been in the store that you were unaware of.

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