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New Massage Chairs Give Awesome Massage Therapy in Chiropractor Offices

The human spine is a marvelous bio-mechanical design which enables us to stand upright. As part of the price of standing upright, we may on occasion over stress certain areas. Chiropractors are trained specialists in the spine. They understand the interaction of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. They do not prescribe medications. They use natural methods to restore long term health to the spine. As part of the battery of treatments, massage chairs are being utilized to provide a number of treatment options.

Did you know the word chiropractor originates from Greek? This is a combination of “cheir” and “praxis” from the ancient Greek language. Together they mean a treatment done by hand. Technology has come a long way since the Greeks. I am sure the ancient Greek chiropractors would be enthralled with today’s high tech massage chairs.

Chiropractors receive three main types of conditions. People that have overstressed or injured their spine. Conditions where the parts of the spine are degenerating or wearing down. The third condition is certain pre-conditions of insufficient health from the beginning. They are trained by a college accredited by the Council on chiropractic education. To become a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, they must earn a D.C. degree and be licensed from the state.

Even though chiropractic medicine has been around since Egyptian times, it has not been covered by major health insurance plans. Big Medicine is covering more chiropractic treatments as now many state workers compensation systems are covering chiropractic treatment. This has forced Big Medicine to ante up and now many HMO’s and private plans have included chiropractic coverage.

A Doctor of Chiropractic medicine is trained to find the root causes of a person’s condition. They may ask a variety of questions and perform some tests to find out what is going on and the extent of the issue. They have a thorough understanding of the interaction of the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the nervous system.

Chiropractic doctors are most famous for making adjustments to the spine. Most people are familiar with the popping or cracking sound as the doctor adjusts the spine. Adjustments are one in a series of potential treatments to help to align the spine and entice it back to restored health.

Many chiropractic offices are utilizing massage chairs to help automate and deliver more consistent treatments for patients. The benefits of massage therapy to helping the body maintain its health is more widely known. Massage chairs are used to provide targeted massage therapy which can loosen tight muscles and help restore flexibility.

We really have to appreciate the spine which allows us to walk on two feet. The spine is designed to distribute the weight over the length of the spine. This keeps everything in balance. However, certain conditions can cause a shift in the balance. This can cause a large portion of the body weight to be put on some very small areas.

Your spine is particularly sensitive to not being in balance. The spine has to work together to take the weight of the body plus whatever you are carrying. If one area has problems, the spine becomes more sensitive in this problem area. The weight of the body can shift which can also cause further injury.

Massage chairs provide an effective means to help the soft tissues to become more flexible and elastic. They help to elongate the muscles with soothing massage techniques. As the muscles relax, then elasticity is restored allowing a greater range of motion. Regular massage chair therapy helps to reduce built up tension and stiffness in these critical areas. Massage chairs are available for home use as well as professional health care use. Massage chairs may be the perfect complement to your back care.

It is really exciting to discover how massage chairs are finding their way into therapeutic environments. Find out more regarding the premier massage chair brands with our Massage Chair Comparison Guide. View Massage Chair Reviews on all the premier massage chair brands to help you make your choice and find the right massage chair recliner for you.