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Never a Lack of Bridal Undies

Once again, my girlfriends have propositioned me to plan out the bridal festivities for our gal pal. And as always, I agreed to plan out the games and activities. Where else are they going to get all the scandalous goodies?

The first thing that comes to mind when planning a bachelorette party is lingerie. No bridal celebration is complete without some sexy, naughty, lacy underwear.

Games that involve any type of bridal lingerie are my favorite. For one really easy game to play, I usually ask each guest to buy one pair of ladies underwear for the party. The bride isn’t allowed to see these.

All the underwear is placed in a bag, and the special lady gets to pick each item one by one. Then she has to guess who brought which pair. It’s fun when the guests get creative and show up with edible undies or old-lady panties!

Aside from the party favors, each guest usually brings a present for the guest of honor. And this in most cases is going to be some kind of bridal lingerie. I never understood women who freak out about what they’re buying the bride-to-be. She expects sleazy wear to boast on her honeymoon!

Of course, you can give the special girl other types of apparel. Like I said, she’s going to want all sorts of attire to impress her new hubby.

It’s pretty smart to find out where the couple will be heading to for the honeymoon. Typically, it’ll be somewhere warm and sunny, so it would be wise to purchase some kind of beach wear or other barely there goodies.

But remember: you can’t go wrong with sexy lingerie! There is so much out there that I’m sure you’ll definitely find something that works.

Want to find just the right lingerie for your honey moon, but don’t know what you’re looking for then take the advice of the author and start your search here for your bridal lingerie needs.