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Nature-Friendly Fabrics

Eco-friendly fabrics became very popular lately because people realized that environment pollution is the biggest issue of modern age. Eco-friendly fabrics can be recycled and used again without destroying environment. Fashion industry has positive reaction regarding eco-friendly fabrics. Like all other fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics can be used almost everywhere because they come in so many different styles such as polka dot fabrics or fabrics with patterns. There is no limit for using eco-friendly fabric because this kind of material is reliable and quality just like every other fabric. If you are designing clothes or redecorating your home, eco-friendly fabrics are definitely your best solution.

Organic fabrics are produced without using pesticides or any other chemical addendum. Pesticides are very dangerous because they are damaging Earth’s ozone. Also, pesticides are destabilizing environment and disturbing living beings. By using eco-friendly fabrics you are supporting environment protection. Designers are very interested in using organic fabrics because they provide possibility to be creative and at the same time to take care of environment. Organic fabrics are not high-priced. You can find numerous eco-friendly fabrics which are very affordable. You can find organic fabrics in almost every better fabric specialized store.

How to choose an organic fabric? Well, the most used organic fabric for designing clothes and furniture is organic cotton. Of course, the process of producing organic cotton is totally natural and pesticide-free. Still, organic cotton is not totally natural. The thing is when the organic cotton is produced, to make that beautiful colors and patterns on fabric, organic cotton must be dyed. Colors used for dying organic cotton fabric can be more or less eco-friendly, but never totally natural and harmless. If you decided to get organic cotton fabric then make sure to ask for organic fabric which is dyed with more eco-friendly colors. Sure, if you don’t like that idea you can get non-colored, natural cotton fabric.

Maybe you are looking for something different than ordinary organic cotton? Well, you can choose more sophisticated fabrics like silk. Silk is also natural, eco-friendly fabric but, unfortunately, the silk is high-priced. If you want to buy something special made of silk, you need to prepare a lot of money.

Bamboo is also eco-friendly fabric. The fact is that bamboo tree regenerates itself and it’s growing very quickly. On the other hand, bamboo fabric is very comfortable. Bamboo fabric is very similar to cashmere. It’s not very expensive and it is available in almost every fabric specialized store.

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