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Must have Purses – Vintage Handbags

If you collect vintage designer purses, and love to show them off proudly, every collection deserves to have Dooney and Bourke handbags, or the Kooba handbags as well. Each is highly unique, and every good collection should have at least one of these. They are versatile and have not only durability but will command the respect that such a designer handbag should.

The Dooney & Bourke handbags prove their value by constantly improving year after year. The designers proudly stand behind their leather goods and offer consumers an unconditional guarantee. The guarantee covers any defects in the craftsmanship for a full year of normal use. The guarantee is one of the factors that has made Dooney & Bourke one of the best manufactures of vintage designer handbags in the industry.

The Dooney and Bourke company is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and interestingly enough, the handbag company was created by Frederick Bourke and H. Peter Doone. Their handbags are made either from the best leathers or are designed in whimsically printed material. They have been the rage for a long time, and thus have earned their place as vintage designer purses. They also carry a breathtaking signature black leather bag.

Every woman wants a bag that expresses her personal style, and the Kooba handbags have done that easily for women as the designs are highly detailed and have distinctive textures to match the passions and the individuality of the woman wearing Kooba bags. The styles are as original as possible, which is why Kooba bags speak loudly to women who know what their individual statement is all about and how they wish to express it to the world.

Designed by Bonnie (Kooba) Held and Abbe Held, a mother daughter team that began designing Kooba handbags in 1998, they believe in blending together relaxed, comfortable and practical bags in order to bring everyday functionality to their bags as well as giving women a highly attractive design. Their bags have the quintessential vintage look that is so highly prized by many.

It is very hard to describe the Kooba handbags using only words since there are so many unique designs to choose from. The colors are incredibly striking, resembling cognac and bourbon, and compliment any wardrobe with ease. The handbags are available in both glossy and patent leather and are a stunning addition to any collection.

Then there are a plethora of shades and hues of black leather handbags, not forgetting their dazzling choices of ivory and even metallics. Women especially love the prominent hardware that is part of the signature of Kooba bags. Many have antiqued bronze studs as well as buckles that can be said to provide not only utility but also embellishment. Many leather Kooba leather bags also have pebbled textures enabling them to be both sporty as well as highly distinctive.

Regardless of the type of handbag you prefer, both of the above designer brands belong in your collection, as they have timelessness and incredible beauty to offer, as well as incredible utility. You will always be pleased with either a Kooba or a Dooney & Bourke handbag, whether it?s simply a black leather bag, or one of the more whimsical designs.

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