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Men Rings By Silver.Ag

Men today are more conscientious about what they wear and what they look like when they go out. It doesn’t matter whether it is to the office, a night on the town or spending a day out. They want to look their best and at times, wear the best. Jewelry is becoming a big part of that and more men are wearing men rings today.

When referring to rings for men, wedding rings do not fall in that category. There has always been a great debate about whether a man is required to even wear one, especially depending on his line of work. And, some men just don’t like jewelry on their fingers. But, men have been wearing rings outside of the wedding band for a long time as one photo of Billy the Kid and his little pinky ring have shown.

Although it is fashionable for men to wear rings today, there are still some who claim that “only women wear jewelry” or that “real men don’t wear rings”. The fact of the matter is, real men do wear rings and you can see them everywhere, playing sports, working on Wall Street, and even celebrities. It is common to see a fashionable ring on the hand of a man today.

Most men are not flashy with their jewelry though, unless they have a reason to be like a rapper with their large chunks of gold on their fingers. Your average man prefers a subtle ring that matches his style, something simple yet classy.

A common ring for men to wear is the pinky ring. There really is no special meaning attached to this, rather than fashion. But some men feel a sense of power as it is often seen on high ranking gangsters or members of the mafia. And, as Billy the Kid showed, can be in reference to gamblers or card players.

Although thumb rings are becoming very popular, they are nothing new. Their history goes back to the Egyptians when they wore them on both thumbs. This type of ring can carry a meaning; normally some say it represents “self”. But, others wear it as a sign of independence, love, sexuality, and because it just looks good.

Men rings are nothing new, as history shows, but the attitudes today are. Men feel confident and comfortable dressing nicely, looking good, and wearing simple pieces of jewelry. There will always be those that say real men shouldn’t do this or that, but that won’t stop rings from being created and worn by other men out there living and enjoying their lives, and looking good while they are at it.

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