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Megan Fox The Model That Never Won A Real Award

The success that Megan Fox has enjoyed after her big role in Transformers resulted in more than she bargained for.

She has won many irrelevant media awards but she has certainly won prestigious awards when it comes to beauty and attractive bodies.

There’s also the issue with Megan Fox being compared to Angelina and that pressure alone is bothering her greatly. She just doesn’t know if she can act like her.

You can’t blame the media because over night Megan Fox went and had her lips plumped. The same look that Angelina is popular for.

Megan Fox has been asked to star in the same kind of movie roles that Angelina stared in. Action movie roles are popular with the young and the old.

Don’t pity Megan Fox because although she has to meet high standards of someone else. She can definitely make it big.

She has Jennifer’s Body coming up and hopefully it will be a start to her new and promising career. One where she will be know for actual acting.

Other movies are lined up but some will only be short appearances as in a only a few minutes.

No matter how you look at it Hollywood is trying hard to capitalize on her popularity.

Easier said than done because she does tend to speak her mind and often times it’s controversial.

She has lashed out against Transformer’s director Michael Bay more than once but he’d be a fool not to bring her back for part 3.

Her bad girl antics began when she was a teenager as she used to sneak out of her moms Florida home to be with her friends.

Many teenagers do the same thing so it’s not really that bad and really it’s not like she’s a criminal.

Tabloids however love this kind of gossip even if it’s not the best kind of gossip.

Any news is good news in Hollywood so they say but the gossip that surrounds her drowns any kind of stories that detail her acting.

Positive news will come out the day that she actually acts in a good role.

A good or great actress will always be remembered for the way she acted on-screen and so far this has escaped her.

It could be that she is not that talented of an actress and movie producers know this about her.

Sooner or later especially when she gets older a question will be asked what has Megan Fox done in her career.

Yes she’s young but so are much more talented actresses that took off when they were much younger.

Megan Fox will be either be remembered for being a good actress or she won’t be remembered at all.

Crystal writes about Megan Fox on her website.