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Medical Spa Advertising With Teeth Whitening Pens!

A whiter smile is important to most everyone. With very few exceptions (namely the individuals who have invested in professional veneers or whose teeth are made of man-made materials), every patient who enters your practice should be interested in at least some type of treatment to get whiter teeth.

Why do teeth get grey and dingy?

There are a lot of ways that your teeth can become dull and dingy. Everyone who begins their day with coffee is causing their teeth to become stained. Another culprit is smoking, because cigarette smoke contains a high amount of tar that clings to your teeth and lungs. Fast food is another cause of dull, dingy teeth. Also, through aging, our teeth become duller, which means that virtually everyone will be a candidate for teeth whitening as some point in their lives.

Which method is best?

It can be confusing to know which is the best treatment for bleaching teeth, but fortunately, most every current method for teeth whitening is at least generally effective and safe. The most appealing methods in this booming $300M industry are do-it-yourself bleaching trays, combined with professional strength whitening gel.

A single 5ML syringe of 22% carbamide peroxide gel retails for $20 and can provide a full 7-10 days of whitening treatment. (And providing this gel through your practice can produce a continuing source of easy profits for you.) Coupled with professionally made whitening trays, the high-strength gel can be used sparingly-clients should apply only enough gel to the tray to cover the front surface of the tooth. For that matter, depending on the number of teeth exposed when an individual smiles, only the front 6-8 teeth, top and bottom, require gel.

Home whitening kits often produce clunky and cumbersome trays. A small investment in a set of professionally made trays can make all the difference in comfortable use and will make it much easier to maintain a regular practice of whitening 2-3 times a week.

Smile Simple is offering an easy solution of dentist-quality whitening trays that you can easily offer through any medical practice. By simply making Smile Simple kits available to your current clients, you can provide an additional source of satisfaction to your patients, and with no additional equipment, staffing or training can add multiple thousands of dollars in additional profit to you bottom line.

Is it for everybody?

With very few exceptions, yes! Strips, whitening trays and whitening toothpastes can all be effective for brightening the appearance of the smile.

For clients who are concerned about sensitive teeth, a couple issues are key: Strong whitening products should be used for the shortest time possible to reduce any pain from sensitivity.

More than 50% of the bleaching impact occurs within the first 15 minutes of bleaching. An individual with sensitive teeth can make a huge impact by bleaching just 15 minutes a day for an initial period of 7-10 days; and can bleach just once a week or every other week to maintain results.

A custom set of bleaching trays can help to ensure that the gel is touching only the front surface of the teeth-not the gums. Professional strength requires only a small amount of gel is needed to achieve an impressive result.

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