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Massage Chair Therapy For Augmenting Your Health And Wellbeing

Most people I know say that their health is one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, the reality is that is what they say, but not necessarily what they do. This is sad to me, because we all know that we have to take good care of ourselves. The reality is that we take our bodies and health for granted. Well that is until something happens. Then we kind of just wake up and then maybe we take care of ourselves?at least for a while. We have to make health a priority. We need ways to counteract the affects of stress and find balance in our lives. One method that helps people decompress from stress is massage therapy and the most convenient way to receive it is from a massage chair.

Stress can come from work or it may come from home. We react to the situation and our bodies defend the body by a release of chemicals. These chemicals will build up in the body if not consistently released. One very effective method of release is massage therapy.

Most people think a massage being delivered by a masseuse, but massage chairs are an effective means to receive a full body massage. They can massage you from your head to your toes. They are very effective in helping to release out the build up of toxins in the body.

What are the benefits of massage therapy? There are many studies that continue to show that receiving regular massage therapy helps in the following ways: It helps to remove toxins out of the body; it increases blood circulation; relaxes the muscles; increases muscle and joint flexibility to name a few. Also note that the studies point out that to obtain these benefits, massage therapy must be received on a recurring basis.

Massage chairs bring you unprecedented convenience and time savings. For massage therapy to be effectively, you must get massages on some regular basis. People simply do not take the time, even though they should. A massage chair provide in home convenience and 24/7 access. It also massages the body in parallel which saves you time. You can receive a whole body massage in a matter of minutes rather then a full hour with a masseuse.

We do want to point out that if you can get regular massage therapy from a masseuse, then that is certainly a great way to go. The relieving and soothing hands with the human touch are certainly fantastic. However, the convenience is where this can be a challenge.

One of the ways a massage chair can save you time is that the massage is performed at different parts of your body simultaneously. A masseuse on the other hand, will massage just one part of your body and then move on to the next. A full body massage typically takes 50 minutes. A massage chair can perform the same amount of massage therapy in 10 minutes.

Another important way a massage chair can help is by saving you money. A massage chair can be as little as $3 per hour of massage therapy. Compare this to a masseuse who typically runs $50 per hour plus tip. Massage chairs have a clear economic advantage. This is the typical tradeoff between human labor versus machine labor.

We all say that our health is a priority, but few take the necessary action required. How hard is it to sit for 10 minutes and relax your body and mind? For some impossible, but for most of us, it is very possible. Why not start to establish a routine that helps to reverse the effects of modern day stress. Your health is not a luxury, and neither is having a massage chair to help you bring back that critical balance in your life.

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