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Do Makeup and Fashion Games like a Professional Makeup Artist

Girls in general like to play dress up.  I bet you played with paper dolls while you were younger; dressing them up in a certain way and mixing and matching their outfit.  Perhaps you had several paper dolls and about a dozen clothes per doll.  When you got older, maybe your parents got you a Barbie doll to play with.  Now you had even more clothes to choose from and you can style her hair too.  We may not have realized it but we were already playing makeup and fashion games during that time.

Little girls today are not very different.  They may not own a paper doll or even a Barbie doll but they also play makeup and fashion games.  In fact, their dress up method these days are even more dynamic.  Believe it or not, there are many websites nowadays who allow girls to tap on their creative side and let them have their share of fun by giving them the freedom to dress up “electronic paper dolls”.  By the term “dress up” this not only pertains to the outfit of the dolls but their overall look, including their clothes, shoes, hairstyle, accessories and even makeup!  How cool is that?

To add to the excitement, little girls don’t even have to play this game to some generic electronic doll’s face.  These websites lets your little girl choose who to dress up and that does not merely meant that they can customize the look of their doll.  It means that they can choose to play makeup artist and professional stylist to their favorite singer and actress.  Is that amazing or what?  She can pick Vanessa Anne Hudgens who played Gabriella in High School Musical, Miley Cyrus more popularly known as Hannah Montana or whoever her celebrity idol is.

Today, your little girl is no longer confined to traditional skirts and dresses.  She can dress up her electronic doll as a rock star, as a princess, as a super model and the list goes on.  When it comes to playing makeup and fashion games her only limit is her imagination which in this case (considering how imaginative little girls are) is close to limitless.

Let your little girl enjoy this incredibly fashionable game and allow her to exercise her creativity.  Who knows, she may be a stylist in training!