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Luminox Watch Bands: No Matter What You Like, There’s One Available For You

When the world shops for a luminous watch they know to look no further than Luminox. This brand, established in 1989, is known throughout the world for its Navy Seal watches. In the past twenty years, Luminox has not wavered from their desire to produce the finest watches, and this has been recognized by elite military and law enforcement agencies who have chosen to make Luminox watches part of their standard equipment.

These watches can be found in more than 30 nations, and they continue to expand to other markets as they develop new watches with new technology. But of course, there’s more to a watch than just the amazing dial and the machinery enclosed beneath it. The designers at Luminox know that, and therefore, they have a whole division dedicated to designing the kind of high-quality watch bands that can do justice to their watches. Let’s take a look at their line of watch bands and compare the wide variety of options available.

Genuine Leather Bands

No field watch would be complete without a quality leather band to offer comfort and durability, and Luminox field watches are no exception to this rule. These extra heavy duty military-inspired leather straps fit a wide range of models including the 1827-29 and 1847-49, and are also available for the larger 26.00 mm fitting of models 1887, 1888, and 1897. These bands feature genuine leather in a matte finish in a traditional tang style. They are available in both black and brown with metal rivets and white stitching, all at a price of $64.95.

Nylon Bands

Nylon straps are a popular choice for Luminox watches, and the Nato Style Strap is a perfect choice for many of their models. This textured finish nylon strap comes in choices of black, green, and grey, and fits watches with a 22.00 mm size between the case lugs such as models 8200, 3200, 3400, and 3600. This band has traditional tang styling and is priced at $39.95.

The nylon Velcro Military Band is another in the line of nylon watch bands that you might want to consider. This 30.00 mm wide band features a double logo, breathable double-layer backside and fits case lugs of 22.00 mm or 23.00 mm models like the 3050, 3100, 3400, 3950, and 8400. The black textured nylon finish is the perfect option at $44.95.

The Black Nylon Strap watch band is another genuine Luminox band that is designed to fit a wide variety of watches, including the 3050 and 3950, with a 22.00 mm or 23.00 mm area between the case lugs. This 25.00 mm wide textured nylon strap features a double logo and is available at a retail price of $34.95.

Rubber Bands

There is wide variety of rubber watch bands available with Luminox, and the Navy Seal Colormark strap is probably one of the most popular bands in this category. This 23.00 mm band fits the Navy Seal “Colormark” and the EVO Navy Seal Series 2 collections. This black, matte finished, factory engraved band features a stainless steel, double tongue, tang style buckle, and is available for $54.95.

Another popular variant among the rubber watch bands from Luminox is the Navy Seal Series Strap, which is 22.00 mm wide, and is made to fit the Navy Seal and numerous Nighthawk models including the 3000, 3100, 3200, and 3900 series. This band is made from a factory engraved, matte-finished black rubber with a stainless steel tang style buckle. This band is available for a price of only $34.95.

Metal Bands

Straps of various metals are also available in the Luminox line of watch bands. The 3600 series Titanium Watch Band is one of these and is designed to fit the 3602, 3604 and 3610 watches. This band is all titanium and very lightweight, and comes with 2 pins and spacers, and is available at a retail price of $119.95.

When you’re someone who can appreciate the quality of Luminox watches, you would definitely have an appreciation of genuine Luminox watch bands as well. Whether you’re into leather, nylon, rubber, or metal bands, Luminox has something that will fit your taste, and at the same time, do justice to that great watch you’re planning to buy or already own. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend good money on buying the perfect watch, and then skim off the budget required for a quality watch band to go with it, would you?

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