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Look Good For Less With Home Made Natural Skin Care Products

Home made beauty products have been used since ancient times. When expensive beauty products were not available, ingredients available in the kitchen and garden were used for healing, cleansing and beautifying purposes. These naturally occurring ingredients are inexpensive, readily available and give you the additional advantage of knowing exactly what you are using on your skin.

Hygiene is very important in daily routine, especially when it comes to dealing with a sensitive object such as your skin. By keeping your homemade mixture simple (not mixing too many ingredients) and following the basic guidelines given below, you are sure to achieve desirable results.

Despite being difficult to look after, oily skin shows less signs of wrinkles and ageing. With the right products that absorb excess oil from the skin, this skin type can look far younger as compared to other skin types of the same age.

– Recipe: Use pure peppermint essential oil. Mix 1 tbsp milk, 1 drop of peppermint oil, 3 tsp distilled water, 2-3 tbsp kaolin to make a soft smooth paste. Apply the mask to your face and let it harden. Then gently peel and rub off the mask.

– Peppermint facial – Peppermint cleans the pores and kills bacteria that cause acne. Apply a mixture to your face, consisting of one drop of pure peppermint essential oil mixed with 1 tbsp milk, 3 tsp distilled water and 2-3 tbsp kaolin. Let the mask harden and then gently peel it and rub off .

Homemade Facial for Normal Skin. Having a normal skin should make you take extra care to maintain its balance. Cleanse tone and moisturize your skin daily so your skin will stay healthy and young.

The glands in dry skin do not excrete enough oils of their own resulting in dryness of the skin. This skin type shows signs of ageing and wrinkles very easily so it is extremely important to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated.

Recipe: Mash 1 small banana with 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well. Apply it to your face and do something else for 10 -15 minutes. Then you can wash your face.

Important Note. Homemade and organic recipes are safe to use but extra precautions should be followed while using the tips and recipes you just read. Then be sure not to use any ingredient if you are allergic to it, regardless of what an article or recipe says.

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