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Locket Necklaces – A Way To Keep Mementos Of Lost Loved Ones

Locket necklaces are special jewelry that is meant to keep or conceal mementos. Their greatest advantage is to keep you in touch with your lost loved ones. They evoke a romantic and sometimes religious sentimentalism. Locket necklaces make sentimental gifts for Valentines, birthdays, engagements and anniversaries.

Locket is a pendant or medallion that opens to reveal two halves called wings. They are usually worn around the neck. Locket worn around the neck is called locket necklaces. They can also be a part of a key chain or bracelet.

Locket necklaces are special types of necklaces with pendants that are used to conceal or keep something important or sentimental like photograph, lock of hair, poem, etc. Since it is a necklace, the mementos kept are always worn closer to the heart. It also features small frames and glass or plastic panels behind which photograph are placed.

Being reminded of a lost loved one is painful but being able to see his or her face gives us comfort. It makes us closer to that person if we keep a loved one’s photograph in a locket necklace. It stands as a constant, gentle reminder of our dearly departed loved one’s. A locket necklace keeps us in touch with a lost loved one. This is one of the greatest things a locket offers.

Lockets come in many shapes and designs. The most popular locket necklace is the silver locket. However, gold lockets are gaining popularity. Platinum, onyx, garnet and leather locket necklaces are also available.

There are different types of locket necklaces. Picture lockets, antique lockets, keepsake lockets and jewelry lockets are the most common types.

a. Picture lockets or photograph lockets

These are typically oval- or heart- shaped pendants that can be opened to reveal a space used for storing one or more photographs. Most picture lockets can hold a photograph or two. There are lockets that can hold four, six, even up to eight pictures. Picture lockets are generally enclosed on all sides and the photographs are secured by pieces of clear plastic.

b. Antique lockets

Antique lockets are much sought after investments as they are usually valuable. During the Victorian age, spinner lockets are very popular. These have a bail, which attaches to the necklace chain that is attached but not fixed to the locket itself which is free to spin. Antique lockets are usually found in estate jewelry.

c. Keepsake lockets

Keepsake lockets do not open like picture lockets. This has a glass pane at the front so what is inside can be seen without opening the locket. Locks of hair are the usual items put inside a keepsake locket. These lockets are designed with plastic or glass panels to protect an item, which may fall off or last if repeatedly opened.

d. Jewelry lockets

Jewelry lockets come in a style highly embellished with gemstones. These are filigree type lockets which have in the center a small cushion to which a few drops of perfume is added. Perfume is necessary to mask a person’s odor or their companions. During the time when personal hygiene was restricted, perfume lockets became very popular.

Locket necklaces can be stubborn and opening it can be difficult. Putting pressure can destroy the locket or cause damage to it.

Place the edge of the finger nail into the space between the two wings to carefully open a locket. Move your nail back and forth to open the latch. This will cause the wings to come apart. We suggest that the use of a small flathead screwdriver is possible to gently open the locket. brings you exciting choices of delicately crafted locket necklaces. This beautiful array will safeguard your mementos with our affordable, stylish and elegant locket necklaces. Remember the best way to keep in touch and fell their presence is having them attached to us. Locket necklaces are the best pieces to remind us of their presence.

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