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Locating The Best Men’s Clothing In Portland And Enjoying The Experience At The Same Time

Portland, Oregon is third biggest city in the region that is known as the Pacific Northwest. It is also officially the greenest city in the US and the second in the world. Like any other busy metropolis there are a wide variety of shopping opportunities for both locals and visitors alike and men’s clothing in Portland is not difficult to come by, it is simply that not all stores are created equal and the discerning male seeking the best fashion choices may have to do a little searching to find the best men’s clothing in Portland.

Had you visited or lived in Portland a few decades ago the trendy area of the city known as the Pearl District looked very different than it does today. Back in the eighties it was the run down industrial end of town, so depressing to look at that Gus Van Sant chose it as the backdrop for his 1989 movie “Drugstore Cowboy”

After many renovation projects and initiatives the face of the landscape has changed completely and the Pearl District houses some of the best entertainment and dining venues in the Pacific Northwest, as well as some of the best shops, especially for those looking for mens’ clothing in Portland.

Many men, wherever they hail from, have become far more acre of the fact that the way they dress can do a lot for not only their success with the ladies but in the business world as well. However, even with that insight there are still very few men who can honestly say they enjoy the actual shopping process itself.

However , for men living or visiting Portland there are actually clothing stores located in the Pearl District that make shopping for fine mens’ clothing a pleasure. How so you ask? How about a big screen TV in a lounge more reminiscent of a private mens’ club than a clothing store, complimentary cocktails served while you peruse the racks and an image consultant to help guys make the right choices? Its not a joke, such stores do exist in the Pearl District, and finding one can feel like the score of a lifetime.

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