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Limited Edition Prada Handbags The Fairy Bag

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you one of the most gorgeous Prada handbags ever created: the special edition Prada Fairy Bag. You’ll have to excuse any incoherency on my part; I thought that messenger bag was awesome, but this just makes my soul cry for the fact that it is so awesome. Seriously, this is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen in life.

You’ll find a few variations of the Fairy Bag if you’re willing to do a little digging. There’s a tote out there, and a version all done up in a stunning color of green. There’s a big version, which goes for about and a small version worth But this – this is the version that drove the runway crazy in Milan last fall. This is the bag that has been hailed as the collector’s item for 2008, ever since its premiere.

I’m generally a miser when it comes to what I’m willing to spend on accessories, but I’d drop two grand on this Prada bags in a split second – if, of course, I had it. The craftsmanship and artistry alone is worth that much, even forgetting the enviable Prada logo.

The design is just to die for – the whole bag is at once whimsical and elegant, mythical and stylish. Nymphs and fairies give off their own brand of romance, which perfectly matches the current style trends of flowing fabrics and shades of violet. Besides, don’t you hear the little fairies calling to you? “Buy me, buy me, take me home – I’m a collector’s item!”

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