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Learn How To Make Natural Beauty Products At Home

Have you ever been concerned about what the beauty creams contain that you are rubbing on your face? Have you ever asked yourself whether you can make natural beauty products at home? To be frank, it does not matter how many times manufacturers write ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on their labels, the only means that you will know that you undeniably are getting natural beauty products is by making them yourself.

Making your own natural beauty products at home will have two clear advantages: it will assist the environment and it will save you money.

How will it assist the environment? Well, most commercial cosmetic products contain detergents and toxins in the cream. You put the cream on some cotton wool and then on your face and you throw the dirty cotton wool in the bin. But where does it go from there? Into the sea? Into the ground? Into the air in smoke? Who knows?

How will it save you money? It will save you money because the natural beauty products you make at home will be made from household items, such as powders, oils, fruit and vegetables.

The most common items that you will use to make your natural beauty products at home are: avocados, bananas, eggs, milk, olive oil, Epsom salts, yoghurt, oatmeal, brown sugar and real mayonnaise. There are others too, but this is a good start. Beeswax, you may not have, but you can get it in pharmacies or health food shops.

It is amazing how resourceful olive oil is. It can be rubbed directly into dull, lifeless hair to perk it up and it will put moisture back into dry skin. If you have dandruff or dry patches of skin on your elbows, rub in olive oil on a regular basis. It is also good for cuticles, knees and feet. Just rub it in with your hands.

Olive oil also makes a fantastic exfoliant. Mix olive oil and brown sugar into a thick paste and exfoliate before a shower or a bath. By the way, the soap that you use is critical too. It should be mild and unperfumed. It is better to spend a little more on your soap because it has such a lot of contact with your whole body.

Olive oil is good at binding items together or making them liquid enough to rub in. If you are having problems with dry skin, mash a banana and mix a little olive oil into it. Rub this onto your face and leave to soak in for as long as you like, then wash off. The same goes for avocado. If you have a small skin problem of any kind, you could try smeering the inside of a banana skin on it and eating the banana.

These are just a few instances of natural beauty products that you can make at home without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time. A quick search on the Internet will reveal hundreds more recipes for how you can make natural beauty products at home.

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