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The Secret of the Appeal of Leanne Marshall Eyeglasses

If you are a fan of Project Runway, you probably know Leanne Marshall and her arts and crafts style clothes.  You probably also know her for her very prominent eyeglasses.  It is a part of her “branding” that all you have to do is spot the glasses (even before you notice the face) and you immediately know who that person is.

A lot of people try to have a signature, very much like Leanne Marshall Eyeglasses.  Her frames, for instance, could look absolutely dorky and nerdy on someone else but because it perfectly fits her personality and her style, on her the glasses look distinctive and it speaks tons about her character.

So what is the secret of the appeal of Leanne Marshall Eyeglasses?  It is the fact that it is so her in every way.  It reflects her personality so well that she looks great in it.  You too can have your signature look, very much like Leanne Marshall Eyeglasses.  It does not have to be shades of course but anything that accentuates who you are.

If you think that having striking eyes are for you because of the unusual color, then try visiting websites such as and look for the perfect pair of contact lenses for your personality.  Who knows, it just might be your next trademark.