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Law Enforcement and Rudy Project Sunglasses

How Rudy Project Sunglasses work is by providing a fit that is second to none. They are designed to meet the demands of physical activity and work well for athletic individuals as they participate in outdoor sports as well as for tactical law enforcement.

The fit is phenomenal with adjustable nose pads, and the new technology provides interchangeable lenses that are made to meet any light condition. This line of Rudy Project Sunglasses performance is matched only by the individuals who sport them.

The perfect fit is amazing and made to order with the Rudy Project technology. Specially designed styles that keep up with the times, and technology that goes a step beyond when it comes to sunglasses and comfort.

The ability to change lenses is easy and flexible thanks to the Rudy Project quick change replacement technique. The nose pieces are anti-slip and come in Ergo I, II, III, and IV designs. The lenses are made of NXT ensuring the highest quality and comfort.

Goggles are in demand, and right at your disposable. Your sunglasses have the capability of turning into goggles at your discretion. Go from enjoying a day of bicycling to a few hours at the shooting range, all in the same pair of eyewear.

Prescription eyeglass wearers are not left out. The interchangeable function allows for interaction in wearing your contacts or inputting prescription lenses with ease. The light monitoring technology works in tempering light whenever needed

They come in lots of colors, styles and shapes, and are geometrically designed to go well with today’s fashions. No matter what you are wearing these glasses will complement your look. Sporty fashionable individuals are more than likely wearing Rudy Project.

The temples adjust for a secure fit, along with the quick lenses changing function and anti-slip nose piece. The transformation from sunglasses to goggles, and the Polarized Impact X lenses are an added benefit for many seeking safe and secure eye protection.

Impact X lenses are made with NXT; it is a polyurethane polymer that is transparent, and unbreakable, developed in 1990 for military use. Its technology is a breakthrough from the traditional polycarbonate lenses developed forty years ago.

The high technology of the Rudy Project Sunglasses is one that exceeds the highest standards in technology when it comes to eyewear. Its many designs specifically made to weather any sport while protecting eyesight, while adding fashion is great in itself.

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