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Laser Vs Electrolysis – Select The Suitable Hair Removal Alternative For You

When it comes to the comparison between electrolysis and laser hair removal, the removal of the hair has shown to be one of the biggest factors. Merely one hair follicle that electrolysis usually focuses at a time, making the method to be time consuming. People undergoing this procedure will find it difficult to be satisfied as this process takes some degree of pain. Also, the use of this technique can take up to seven or eight months even in the quickest way of removing hair. This process utilizes a tiny metal probe that goes into the hair follicles, making the patients to experience pains. This probe excretes a current or electronic charge designed for the destruction of the main root source of the hair.

In regards to laser hair removal, there exists much less invasion as this method utilizes light that is distributed around the hair follicle and over the skin. This light changes to heat to get impact on the hair follicles. There is only less time needed for effectiveness of the treatments. This hair removal technique simultaneously is focused on the removal of hundreds of hair follicles. Because of the amount of the hair that this procedure has the ability to cover, this has been referred to as ingeniously skillful.

Generally speaking, most individuals with light hair face one of the common pitfalls of laser hair removal. Great benefits are gained by people with white skin and dark hair under this procedure due to pigment melanin that can attract laser light.

There are also less dramatic results in patients with naturally dark or suntanned skin because of the presence of the pigment melanin in the skin and the hair, making it to absorb most of the light from the laser. The enhancements in research and technological equipment for removing hair using laser have made this method to become much more effective though .

Electrolysis usually takes longer for hair removal treatment though some opinion vary because it is quite different. Electrolysis has three main types open to people. There is Thermolysis. This process utilizes heat. Many people revealed that they experience periods of discomfort under this method. Some say that it is not as effective as getting rid of many unwanted hair though this can treat many hair follicles at one time. There is also Galvanic. It shows opposition to thermolysis as it doesn’t treat as many follicles of the hair. However, it can remove more hair with one treatment than thermolysis. Lastly, The Blend. This option is chosen by some individuals to merge what advantages that both Galvanic and Thermolysis have.

The actual appointment time is the area that shows to become interesting when comparing laser hair treatment and electrolysis. Another interesting factor is how long each method requires to treat hair. Therefore, Laser hair removal, although expensive, is faster and less painful than electrolysis as many patients favor the results that the laser hair treatment offers .

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