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Laser Liposuction Offers Liposuction At Smaller Scale and Risk

Most of the advantages that laser liposuction offers over traditional liposuction stems from the risk aversion of being a smaller procedure. For much the same reason it can also be a more affordable procedure as well. Laser liposuction is also a different technique in which an optical fiber is inserted under the skin and a laser is fired to heat up and literally melt the fat cells. This lowers much of the surgical risks that inherently come with traditional liposuction.

The most common post-surgery complications that liposuction patients encounter are a result of poor clean-up after the surgery. Hematomas and seromas occur when a blood vessel is damaged and blood pools under the skin to cause discoloration. While these symptoms are temporary, severe cases can last for several months when proper drainage of the treated area right after surgery could speed up the healing process.

A big issue that still haunts liposuction procedures today is the large amount of bleeding. Blood loss is always a major concern for this type of procedure because the blood vessels are easily damaged by the violet breaking of fat cells. Laser liposuction however is much more precise in targeting fat cells and what few blood capillaries that is damaged usually leak little blood which dries up immediately from the heat of the laser.

Skin irregularities are another common issue with liposuction. This occurs when too many fat cells are removed from one area causing the skin to appear bumpy with dimples and grooves. Laser liposuction patients don’t quite have the same risks because this only occurs when an area of the body undergoes major treatment.

Anesthesia is one of the most dangerous component of any surgery. Since laser assisted liposuction only requires patients to receive local anesthesia, the patient remains awake. This is good for communicating any discomfort the patient might experience to the surgeon during the procedure. The smaller dosage also offers some savings to the overall cost of the procedure.

The smaller scale treatment plus the procedural differences makes a big impact on the amount of risk involved in the procedure. With smaller incisions, there is less risk of infection to the area and almost no risk of injury to internal organs and surrounding tissue.

For people looking to make small sculpting alterations to their bodies, laser liposuction offers a safer alternative to traditional liposuction methods. These factors open up liposuction as an option for people who didn’t need or didn’t want to undergo the surgery in its entirety.

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