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Landing Carlos Arroyo: Boston or Chicago?

This past spring, we witnessed the initial stages of a battle building involving the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. The 2 organizations met in the 1st round of the NBA playoffs for an extraordinary playoff series, reaching seven overtimes in 7 showdowns, and the magic was present.

It was a matchup geared around the generals of the floor. The Boston Celtics had Rajon Rondo, in his third season , putting up very nearly a triple-double each night and carrying a Boston team run down by injuries and forced to go little. Chicago had Derrick Rose, a rookie, undergoing a defining series in the early seasons of his existence. A young player surrounded by experienced players, Rose played with self-confidence outside his years.

Presently, 4 months have passed, and the two teams nonetheless have a rivalry with respect to their point guards.

The guy at hand is Carlos Arroyo. The 30-year-old career bench guard played 8 years in the league between 2001 and 2008; he later left and relocated to Israel, getting a one-year gig with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Presently, after a year away, Arroyo wants back into the NBA.

The Celtics are the plausible target for Arroyo. The Celtics are now without a decent bench for Rondo at point guard — and after 2 seasons of picking one up in midseason (first Sam Cassell in , then Stephon Marbury this previous season), they can fundamentally use a year-round solution. The team has purportedly agreed to provisions with Marquis Daniels, although Daniels is more of a swingman-type than a standard point guard. He is far from the answer.

Arroyo is a worthy fit. He’s moderately cheap, he tries hard on both sides of the court, and he would be beyond content as a bench on a good franchise. He’s done it prior to this — he backed up Mark Jackson in Utah, Chauncey Billups with the Pistons, not to mention Jameer Nelson in Orlando. He does not require a starting role to be pleased in the league — he will just get minutes every way he might get them.

Apparently Arroyo is in talks with the Celtics about becoming the most recent backup for Rondo.

Except, of course, the Bulls steal him away beforehand.

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