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Ladies Jeans – Finding The Perfect Style For You

Most women will tell you that when it comes to ladies jeans, finding the perfect pair can prove to be a daunting task – but when you finally find the perfect pair, it is definitely time well-spent. They are available in a ton of different styles and to suit nearly any taste and provide the ultimate in comfort for those rare days when you get to dress down, or for running errands and relaxing on the weekend.

There are basic styles to choose from when buying jeans, but your body’s shape will have a big effect on what is available to you. Some pairs just look better on some body’s than others.

Skinny or tight ladies jeans are, like the name suggests, super tight and made for ladies with curves and slender legs. These are not the right jeans for those ladies who are self-conscious about any part of their body because the super tight jean is made to accentuate everything that you have to offer.

Cuffed are the most relaxed and casual look. These jeans are suitable for nearly any activity that is casual – from shopping to lounging on the beach. Ladies with short legs should avoid cuffed ladies jeans, however, because they will have the effect of looking short and frumpy.

Classic is the most slimming wash. Darker colors, as many women know, have the effect of making a person look slimmer, and when it comes to jeans, of making the legs look longer and leaner. Another plus is that darker pairs of jeans also often go with just about anything else you want to wear, making them a versatile choice.

The cut known as embellished is great for a night on the town – for a standout look; these type of jeans are cute and usually have metallic embellishments, embroidery (like flowers) or other accents that draw attention to areas of the body.

Baggy is the ultimate in comfort. Baggy jeans are perfect for those days when you just don’t feel like dressing up, or for those bloated times when regular jeans just seem too uncomfortable. Many women count their baggy jeans among their favorite items of clothing.

The world of women’s jeans is expansive, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the style that will look best on you. Check out my site to get the scoop on more of today’s hottest jean trends.