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Labret Ring – 5 FAQ’s

What is a labret ring?

The labret ring is the embellishment that’s inserted into the opening at the dimple just beneath your lower lip and above your chin.

Precisely why must I wear a labret ring?

Labret rings are place on your lips for those same reason earrings are place on ears. Normally, rings tend to be an expression of personal fashion, and highlight the body parts one put them on. Hence, labret rings emphasize your lips just like earrings beautify the ears. You’ll be able to replace labret rings just as you switch earrings to complement your outfit.

What material are labret rings made of?

Labret rings occur in several designs and produced from different types of substance for example ceramic, metal and stone. Rings can also be manufactured of gold, platinum, steel, acrylic, jeweled and flex material.

Are labret rings always put in the center of the chin?

No. You’ll be able to affix labret rings on either side of your lips or just underneath. You are able to also place a ring right in the middle of your lips to highlight their fullness.

How might I clean my labret ring?

To clean a labret ring, use an anti- plaque rinse to make certain it doesnt accumulate plaque. Remove your labret ring once a week and soak it in an antibacterial denture cleaner to avoid the build up of plaque. Rinse thrice every 24 hours with a saline solution to protect your oral cavity from the accumulation of bacterium.

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