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It’s not just the ladies bathing in a sea of ’80s fashion nostalgia. Along with all those totally-tubular shoulder pads, neon colors, leggings, and off-the-shoulder tops for women, we’ve got the ultimate ’80s trend for guys — the square-bottom knit tie.

Once banished from the ranks of acceptable fashion, the knit tie has found favor once again. Over the last couple of years, men’s designers like Alexander McQueen, Paul Stuart, and Band of Outsiders have reminded us that the knit tie is the perfect way to add a bit of prep-school edginess to a staid button-up shirt. Think rolled up sleeves, loosened knot…

The knit tie, according to this month’s Details magazine, can “modernize a khaki suit or energize a washed cotton shirt.” They’re a great warm-weather accessory and perfect for dress-up sporty events, like horse races. In general, save it for outside-the-office occasions (unless you’re the type to make statement in the office). In other words, don’t bust out the stripe knit, square-bottom tie for a first interview.

One exception would be a tight silk knit in a solid color. Thomas Pink’s black knit tie is one such option. Its sleek, understated look makes it appropriate for more formal occasions.

For skinnier versions, try J. Crew’s stripe knit tie or a green polka dot one from Barney’s Co-op. For something a little wider, check out Brooks Brothers which offers a myriad of colors and striped patterns.

Some words of wisdom should you choose to don a knit tie: Keep your proportions in check. If you go skinny, make sure the rest of the outfit — shirt, pants, etc. — are slim-fitting as well. Guys with a broader build may want to opt for a wider tie.

The best part about knit ties? You’ll actually forget you’re wearing them. I guess Kevin Bacon was on to something dancing around in his skinny knits

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