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What You Ought to Know about Klingon Makeup

“Live long and prosper.”  To all of you Star Trek fans, you should know this famous line from our favorite Vulcan, Spock.  To all of you who followed the TV series and watched all the movies, doesn’t it amaze you just how life like they made the aliens look?  The makeup was so well made that they looked really convincing.  If I didn’t know any better. I would think that alien life forms really do exist.  Compared to the other forms of aliens in the Star Trek series such as the Vulcans and Ferengi, the most intimidating physically speaking are called the Klingons.

Compared to other races in this TV series, the Klingons are considered the warrior race.  They believe that anything can be settled with a good fight.  No wonder they were depicted as this big boned race with scary “ridges” on their nose.  They look so physically strong and even primal that it would sound almost insane to try to anger one.  Then again, they are not real.  Klingons are produced by a very good sense of imagination and great skill in putting on makeup.

Can you even begin to imagine how to make a normal looking human person look like a Klingon warrior?  How do you put the ridges on their nose, make their color appear dark and the rest of their features like their eyebrows so sharp and intimidating?  I must say that I salute the artist who puts on Klingon makeup to the actors.  They look so convincing that it makes your imagination ponder on the “what ifs” out there.

I cannot give you a step by step guide on how to put on a Klingon makeup.  I myself do not have that kind of skill.  I just know that it requires a lot of patience since I watched this documentary that it can take half a day to make alien life forms in movies look clear.  Obviously, it requires a great deal of skill.  How can a person with shaky hands for instance make such fine lines in these characters?  Klingon makeup is so intricate that surely only the best of the best can achieve that look.

Next time you watch a Star Trek flick, consider all the hard work behind the scenes to form such an awesome production.  Hail to the talents on screen and backstage.