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Little Known Ways to Sell Jewelry Designs

Just like any other entrepreneurs, jewelry designers rely on the sale of their jewelry designs to keep the business going.  There is a market for jewelry designs because there are people who would like to express their individuality through their accessories.  By having a format to follow but still having the freedom to express it themselves, the individualistic accessory lovers can still have a unique jewelry that no one else will have.  By selling your designs, you empower them to express themselves. On you part, you can earn multiple times because a design can be sold a number of times as well.

These are some of the ways to sell jewelry designs.

1.     You can sell the design that you want recreated.  Take not of each step.  You can even take a photo of each procedure so that when you make your tutorial, your viewers know exactly what you are talking about as they can see it.

2.     Articulately type out the instruction on how to recreate a design.  Remember that not all your readers are jewelry designers so your instructions must be idiot proof.  Even those with absolutely no jewelry designing background should be able to follow.

3.     Register to Etsy, Artfire or any other online marketplace where you can sell your jewelry designs.  Look for websites that specialize in handmade items so that you are immediately among your niche target market.

4.     List the tutorial on your web page, making sure that the photos and descriptions are included.  Also include the experience level required to make a certain design so that the beginners can start with simple things and slowly work their way up to more difficult designs when they are ready.  Make sure to inform your customers that every purchase comes with a complete tutorial.