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Best Way to Remove Jane Iredale Mascara

Today, more and more people are opting to go natural and that is reflected not just on what they eat but even on things that they use on their body such as soaps and yes, even makeup.  No wonder mineral makeup is getting more popular every day.  True enough, mineral makeup tones the skin and gives it a smooth, matte finish just like your traditional makeup.  It  has added benefits though such as the fact that it does not expire as fast and it will never irritate your skin and cause you to breakout.

Now, mineral makeup expands to not just powder but mascara as well.  Such is the case with Jane Iredale’s PureLash Lengthening Mascara.  It gives the volume and length for long, lush and thick lashes without causing it to break as is the case with many mascaras available in the market.

Instead of using water in the formulation, they used conditioning algae extracts for easier application and for more thickness.  And you know the best part is?   You never have to deal with the hassles of removing your mascara ever again.

Don’t you just hate waterproof mascaras and how incredibly difficult it is to remove?  Sometimes even the toughest eye makeup remover would not do.  It’s almost as if you have to break a couple of lashes before you finally get your waterproof mascara.  The downside however of regular mascara is that it tends to smudge when you sweat or when you wear it for long hours.  No one wants to have dark circles under their eyes even if it is just caused by mascara.  Well, the solution is here – Jane Iredals’s PureLash Lengthening Mascara.  It won’t smudge and it won’t give you problems removing it because the best way to remove Jane Iredale Mascara is really simple.  There is no need for harsh eye makeup removers or to constantly wash it with soap until the skin around your eyes is so dry.  The best way to remove Jane Iredale Mascara is to use water.  It is that simple.  If you want to use a cleanser, then go ahead but I tell you that it is not at all necessary.  You can also use a Magic Mitt but plain water will suffice.

That is how gentle this mineral mascara is.  You never have to worry about irritating your eyes or breaking an eyelash.