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Jan Marini Lash Conditioner Review

Has there ever been a time when you have cringed at the sight of someone’s stunning eyelashes, and become extremely conscious of your own short and hardly noticeable ones? Has the feeling of inadequacy made you yearn for long and thick eyelashes like the ones you saw? Your prayers might just have been answered to help you get what you want with the new eyelash conditioner from Jan Marini and give up covering them with glasses or using false ones.

The Marini Lash Conditioner is a creation from the house of Jan Marini Research, which spends phenomenal amounts finding compounds and mixes that will enhance facial beauty and help women overcome complexes. Something as small as eyelashes has become the focus of attention to enhance their length and also overall beauty.

The sea change in the lashes is a marvel that does not go unnoticed. The Marini Lash Conditioner is free of prostaglandin and is packed into a tube similar to that of mascara and comes with its own brush applicator. Regular use will make the tube last for at least six months.

The Marini Lash Conditioner enriches the hair of the eyebrow and eyelashes with its rich nutrients like peptide, including natural extracts like white tea leaf, horse chestnut seed, cinnamon bark and so on. All the ingredients blended together have been tested for safety to ensure that it can be used in an area as delicate as the eyes.

The Marini Lash Conditioner needs to be used regularly with one application every evening. It needs to be used sparingly and applied in a thin line along the roots of the hair with the aid of the applicator brush provided.

The Marini Lash Conditioner needs to be used carefully and kept away from the eyes. Should it enter the eye by mistake, it must be washed off immediately, even though it has been rated safe for the eyelashes and eyebrows with all its nutritive components.

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