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Item : Samsung X830 White Phone (Unlocked) with Us Warranty (mi mang, Price: £67)

model phones which may require you to purchase additional equipment this phone comes with everything you need tocharge your phone right out of the box. Design The X830s unique swing-open form factor sets it aside from traditional clamshell candybar or slider designs. When closed the X830 functions like a fully loaded Mp3 player complete with a full-color 128×220 screen that horizontally displays the playlist equalizer settings and song information. The cover features a convenient and simple-to-use circular trackpad and trackpad button that makes music management a breeze. Swinging the phone open exposes the keypad and doubles its length for use as a phone. The units dial pad is configured in a revolutionary two-column format instead of the traditional three making the device even easier to hold and carry. The right side of the unit houses up down buttons for volume control while the rear of the device houses the built-in 1.3-megapixel camera. Competitive with high-end dedicated music players the X830 comes with an amazing 1gb of built-in memory offering plenty of storage for music images and videos. Lastly the units built-in Bluetooth and Usb 2.0 capability makes loading music onto the X830 fast and easy. Calling Features With 1 Gb of internal memory the X830 is designed to hold all the contacts phone numbers and addresses you can throw at it (up to 1000 of them to be precise. A call list remembers your most recent missed received and dialed calls. The X830 supports polyphonic ringtones and Mp3-based music ringtones. A built-in speakerphone lets you talk hands-free while youre doing other things and picture caller Id lets you assign a photo to specific callers. And because the X830 supports Bluetooth connectivity you can use your favorite wireless headset to discreetly jam out to your favorite tunes or to take calls handsfree. Messaging Internet and Tools The X830 has all the bases covered when it comes to messaging. Support is built-in for sending and receiving text video graphics and sound via messages. When used in combination with the phones built-in camera Mms opens up a whole new world of m