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Item : Samsung Pn58A760 58 black (mi mang, Price: £254)

the 58&quot Samsung Pn58A760 plasma panel delivers. A Digital Natural Image engine combines with a variety of picture-enhancing technologies&amp 8194 &amp 8194 including Ultra FilterBright glare reduction 18-bit color processing an Ace2 Silhouette Editor and a stunning 10000001 dynamic contrast ratio&amp 8194 &amp 8194 to reveal the full potential of the panels Hd 1080p resolution. Finally a red Touch of Color bezel accent adds a stylish innovative look to your home theater. Less glare more hair Um. Perhaps the headline for this paragraph needs a little explanation. First the 58&quot Samsung Pn58A760 plasma Hdtv features Ultra FilterBright anti-glare technology. Guaranteeing that you enjoy nothing less that an optimal video experience regardless of the level of ambient light in your viewing area this Samsung technology minimizes glare while maintaining high image contrast and saturated colors. Second the Pn58A760s Ace2 Silhouette Editor performs false-contour reduction delivering clear images without contour lines. Go ahead plop down on the ol couch and watch your favorite Hd movie even in the middle of the day. Not only will you be enjoying a clear glare-free image but&amp 8194 &amp 8194 in combination with the Pn58A760s Hd 1080p resolution&amp 8194 &amp 8194 youll also be able to see every last hair on the protagonists head. Another word on the panel Okay so you already know that the Samsung Pn58A760 has a full high definition 1080p resolution but theres more to this flat panel plasma Hdtv when it comes to its ability to reproduce a vibrant detailed Hd video image. While a widescreen 169 aspect ratio makes the Pn58A760 a true Hd panel a 10000001 dynamic contrast ratio is your indication that this plasma panel is capable of delivering deep black levels essential for a truly detailed lifelike picture. Experience brilliant natural colors thanks to the Pn58A760s Natural True Color with 18-bit processing and a new algorithm that adjusts color balance for enhanced Tv and movie viewing. A 175 x 175 viewing