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Item : Panasonic Tc-P54V10 (ai, Price: £220)

Brief Specifications of Tc-P54V10 Screen size 54 inch Resolution 1080p (standard) 1920 1080 (exact) Panel type NeoPDP (new panel from 2009) Contrast ratio 400001 (native) 20000001 (dynamic) Shades of gradation 6144 Thx certified Yes Anti-glare filter New Ar Filter 24p cinema mode Yes Digital Cinema Color Viera Cast Viera Image Viewer with Avchd Playback Viera Link 600Hz Sub-field Drive 4 Hdmi inputs Pros &amp Cons Pros Best black levels from any 2009 Hdtv (plasma or Lcd) Very good video processing with smooth 1080p 24 playback Thx mode (accurate colors out of the box) Plenty of connectivity options (4 Hdmi connectors) Beautiful slim design (2 inch) Plenty of features and picture controls Very good anti-glare performance Cons Colors are not perfect if not in Thx mode Standard definition performance is satisfactory but not great Being a high-end plasma Tv it is relatively expensive Performance Besides exhibiting the new NeoPDP panel type and the one sheet of glass design Panasonic Tc-P54V10 lacks nothing in terms of quality. Displaying great black levels and accurate shadow details coming front with enhanced video processing when using 96Hz mode and great connectivity options this model from Panasonic is rightfully considered one of the best plasma Tv s that were launched so far this year. It would not be a wrong thing to say that this nearly top of the line product should be listed on any videophile s wishlist. Exceptional Black Levels Visual contrast is one of the best of Panasonic Tc-P54V10 traits. Due to its exceptional black levels even though specialists consider that the V10 series from Panasonic has yet to acquire the ink like blacks of the discontinued Pioneer s Kuro the watcher will experience a realistic cinema experience with great shadow details that makes for great picture quality. Color Accuracy is Good While color accuracy does not lack from Panasonic Tc-P54V10 one needs to tweak with color adjustments especially in non Thx modes. If it is one point where this model from Panasonic has yet to achieve greatness than this is the one. Yet its ability to display great black levels does temper what it is lacking in color accuracy. Video Processing Video processing is one of the greatest features of Panasonic Tc-P54V10. If you want to watch great quality 1080p 24 frames content you will need to choose the 96Hz mode as with other modes like 60Hz or 48Hz the flicker effect is prone to appear ruining the watching experience. So if your Blu player is set to provide this type of content then it is recommended to use 96Hz frequency for the best results you will not be disappointed. If the characteristic called 600Hz subfield drive then you should know this is merely a buzzword meant to attract more sales while it does little to enhance motion resolution which is already great with many plasma Tv s. Standard Definition To point a minus for Panasonic Tc-P54V10 standard definition content is displayed satisfactorily with solid noise reduction capabilities but there are still jagged edges th