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Item : Mitsubishi Wd82737 737 Series 82 (mi mang, Price: £516)

d stereo audio input for Pc. All you need in new advanced video calibration modes and more. Sharp Edge SharpEdge is the latest in Mitsubishis edge-definition signal processing system. It enhances horizontal and vertical edges for stunning picture precision. SharpEdge senses the vertical boundary and amplifies it while minimizing distortion. The end result is crisp and sharp edge. 6-Color Processor Our 6-Color Processor gives you crisp bright realistic color. Experience whiter whites and a wider range of color like never before. DeepField Imager DeepField Imager constantly adjusts brightness and contrast for optimum settings in all areas of the picture. It can even optimize complex scenes containing both dark and bright areas. DeepField Imager analyzes 135 sectors of the picture in real time. It determines the optimum blend of contrast and brightness settings within the picture using advanced Mitsubishi algorithms. Based on picture analysis it dynamically adjusts for areas that are too high or low in contrast and or too dark or bright displaying the best balanced picture in every scene. 3d Ready 3d is an entertainment format that started back in the mid- 1800s not long after the invention of photography. It was not until 1915 that 3d movies would make their debut. Back then 3d systems used anaglyph glasses and unfortunately the experience of 3d with these glasses as well as a limited amount of titles available caused 3d to fade by the mid-1950s. The experience was not compelling therefore consumers saw no &quot value&quot with 3d in the past. Mitsubishis Approach Today there are displays for the commercial and consumer market that can demonstrate high-quality 3d and Hd content for the home In 2007 Mitsubishi was the first company to launch 3d ready functionality in our Diamond series Home Theater Tvs. Now all of Mitsubishis current model Home Theater Tvs are 3d ready and are offered in screen sizes from 60 inches to 73 inches 3d video gaming and dual-screen features require compatible 3d source devices 3d glasses and Ir emitters Not Included) Similar to the transition to Hdtv available content will help accelerate the adoption of 3d technology in the home. Recently many top producers and directors have publicly announced that in the future their movies will only be mastered for 3d. What is Next for Mitsubishi?