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Item : BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2) (mi mang, Price: £167)

one address book and calendar to keep you organized it s a camera and media player to keep you entertained it has instant email all the major social networking applications instant messenger games and endless applications for just about anything you need. There s no need to carry multiple gadgets with you when you can do everything with this one&quot Why should Blackberry users who have quite recently upgraded to the Blackberry Bold 1 or the Blackberry Storm consider upgrading to the Blackberry 9700 quot Each BlackBerry device works the same way the software remains constant on every piece of hardware that we have so switching between BlackBerry devices is simple. The users already know the interface and know how to enjoy all the features BlackBerry has to offer. The benefit of the new Blackberry 9700 over the earlier versions of the Bold and Storm is the new small sleek size and design along with the brand-new optical track-pad navigation system giving the outer shell of the powerful Blackberry solution an overhaul in style&quot For users running older versions of Blackberry is now the time to upgrade quot As mentioned earlier once you re a BlackBerry user it s easy to switch between devices because the operating system looks and feels the same across all BlackBerry devices. Now is the time to upgrade if the user is looking for more powerful features on a BlackBerry such as a speedy 3g processor built-in Wi-Fi and Gps 3.2mp camera with auto-focus and 5x zoom and a sleek new outer design&quot Quite a few people moved from using Blackberry to the iphone does the Blackberry 9700 have the features to win them back quot This is a bit of a leading question I m not sure its factual because we don t actually see a lot of BlackBerry users moving to the iphone We see feature phone users moving to Smartphones and choosing usually an iphone or Black