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Is It Natural To Have An Out Of Body Experience?

An out of body experience (OBE) refers to a journey of your spirit, soul or astral body outside your own physical body, transcending the physical universe to higher realms of consciousness from where you can observe your own body and the world.

Near death experiences and REM sleeping phases are times when most out of body experience occurs. Many a times accident victims have been known to have watched the accident from at a distance. The REM or rapid eye movement is that phase of the sleep when brain activity is at its heightened best. This time is ideal to experience lucid dreaming or an out of body experience.

When a person goes through an out of body experience, his physical body turns rigid or paralyzed at first with it completely withdrawing from the environment. Thereafter this unresponsive body is separated from the highly focused and wakeful mind and this is when your astral body projects itself outwards accompanied by intense vibration, hearing of loud noises and the like. Once it is some distance away, the spirit or aura moves freely enjoying watching the world at a distance. The experience ends with your astral body returning to the physical one. Thus an out of body experience is said to pass through the five stages of withdrawal, cataleptic, separation, free movement and return.

Thus, needless to say an out of body experience gives you the chance to observe your own body or the world from a distance and hence is an experience of a lifetime. Many people put in a lot of effort in order to induce the same. The most common and popular avenues of out of body experience induction are those of mental, mechanical and chemical.

If a person regularly meditates, attains a state of deep trance, visualizes himself floating out of his body and directs all his energies on to this vision so as to manifest it in reality, it can be sited as an out of body experience caused by some mental induction. Thus, lucid dreaming techniques where your body sleeps but your mind remains wakeful and in full control of your dreams, sleeping-waking techniques by sleeping with a coin on your forehead, or your hand kept up, etc are all mental induction techniques in order to create that mental state which is conducive to an OBE.

Mechanical induction of an out of body experience involves use of different sound waves through ears to synchronize in the brain, magnetic stimulation of the brain by specially made helmets, electrical stimulation of the brain, etc to bring about the required mental state conducive to an out of body experience. Moreover, sensory deprivation by use of headphones to disorient the sense of time and space, as well as sensory overload so that brain stops receiving sensory stimuli are also mechanical induction methods for OBE.

Thirdly, an out of body experience can also be induced via chemical interventions. Usage of drugs for hallucinations or sleep deprivation, etc to attain an OBE conducive mental state is quite common in recent days.

Thus, select the best suited technique according to your needs and go for it. Remember that fears or even minor negative thoughts are enough to keep you unsuccessful in your attempts to travel out of your body. Meditate regularly, believe in yourself and practice regularly to attain this experience of a lifetime.

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