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Information About Acuvue Astigmatism Lenses

If you have recently been diagnosed with astigmatism, you might be curious about options that are available for your eyesight. If you are not interested in wearing glasses, you might want to consider some of the contact lenses that are provided by Acuvue. There are some acuvue astigmatism lenses that can be used to treat and correct your eyesight.

It’s important to remember that astigmatism can really affect your life and your daily activities. You may not be able to read things clearly or even see things far away. This can worsen if the astigmatism is untreated. This can also cause headaches, pain, and fatigue. It’s best to get your astigmatism treated as soon as possible so that your eyesight doesn’t worsen.

The first popular lens provided by acuvue is the oasys brand. These are generally recommended to people that have experienced discomfort with other lenses or have problems with dry eyes. However, they can also be used to treat astigmatism. This particular brand makes use of a technology known as accelerated stabilization. Because of the accelerated stabilization design, there is less of a chance of experiencing blur while wearing your lenses.

Oasys lenses are great for people that want to use their contact lenses in extended situations such as all day wear. This type of lens is disposable and you can use it for up to two weeks. Because of their visibility tinting and the distinctive markings, they are also easier to handle, which makes acuvue another wise choice in comparison to other lenses that are available.

The lenses also are useful for protecting your eyes from harmful radiation rays from the sun. Acuvue lenses use a technology that allow them to protect your eyes from UV-A and UV-B rays while you wear them. In addition to this, the oasys option allows you to receive more oxygen to your eyes in the process.

Acuvue advance lenses are also another option that can be considered for treating astigmatism. These are similar to the oasys lenses, except that oasys lenses have the additional oxygen function. These lenses can also be worn for up to two weeks. In addition, the technology used in the design makes use of the natural pressure of your eye to keep the lenses in the correct area of your eye.

Both the oasys and advance system lenses make use of Hydraclear technology. This allows for moisture to flow freely between the inside and the outside of the lens. As a result, you are more comfortable while wearing your lenses. Your eyes will be moisturized throughout the day and you will not have to constantly use eye drops like you might have experienced previously with other brands.

Consider trying out some of these options when you are looking for lenses to treat your astigmatism. If you have experienced other lenses for treatment and found them very uncomfortable, then this may be an alternative that will work for you. Talk with your optometrist to discover more about acuvue astigmatism lenses.

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