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Important Information About Cubic Zirconia Rings

If you have been hunting for a new ring but the price of diamonds sicken you, cubic zirconia rings are the sure fire way to go. Usually called CZ, cubic zirconia rings are a budget friendly fashion accessory. CZ rings can be used for every day events or special occasions.

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made synthetic gemstone first discovered in the 1892. In the 1930s German mineralogists grew the first Cubic zirconia in a lab. They felt the discovery to be of so little importance that they never even gave the gemstone a name. That is why to this day we still refer to it as its scientific name; cubic zirconia. It will not until mid 197os that commercial production began worldwide and by the 1980s total word wide production of the gem reached 50 million carats.

Zr02, the scientific formula for Cubic Zirconia is actually zirconium dioxide cubed. It has no color making it the perfect gem to be used in rings and other forms of jewelry. It is a very tough material, scoring a 8 on the MOHs scale. Its refractive qualities score it a 2.176 in the index. It is a very powerful mineral with a 0.060 dispersion power. Unlike some other inferior elements, these qualities make for a excellent gemstone.

Hands down the most popular cubic zirconia rings on the market are celebrity replicas. It is without a doubt the prices paid by some of these celebrities can total well over 1 million dollars, and for less then a fraction of that we can own very similar replica rings. Made out of cubic zirconia instead of diamond you too can look like J-Lo, Kendra, Angelina, Heidi Montag, or Pam Anderson.

A true bargain is a Cubic Zirconia Ring. Compared to their over priced siblings, a beautiful CZ ring can be purchased for as low as a few dollars. This includes a amazing selection from heart shaped to princess cuts. Even higher quality rings can be found online ranging from under $100 to thousands of dollars. Adding precious elements to the mix such as gold, platinum or silver you can easily create a beautiful ring that makes you think long and hard about a diamond purchase.

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