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Imaginative Monkey Costume Ideas For Siblings And Couples For Halloween This Year

If you are planning to attend a Halloween party this year, think about coordinating costumes with your significant other, friends or even siblings. It’s much more fun to get dressed up when you have a theme, allowing you to play off of each other. Plan to arrive at the party at the same time to make a great group entrance. Here’s a couple of clever monkey costume ideas to get you started:

Wizard of Oz – Flying Monkey & The Wicked Witch of the West – This is one of my favorite ideas for this year because the flying monkey costume is brand new for 2009. I’ve always been a big Wizard of Oz fan, and I’ve been waiting for the flying monkey costume to come out! A group can use this theme by adding other characters from the movie, such as Glenda the Good Witch, Dorothy or the Scarecrow.

Michael Jackson and his Pet Monkey Bubbles – There is enormous interest in Michael Jackson Costumes this year due to his untimely passing earlier this year. Turn this into a couples costume by adding Bubbles, his pet monkey. You could also dress up in two different Michael Jackson costumes. If you have a group you can go as the Jackson Five.

Monkey See and Monkey Do – A great idea for a pair of kids. Put the pair in two identical kids Monkey Costumes and give them each a sign to wear – one with “Monkey See” and one with “Monkey Do”. Your kids will have a great time hamming it up.

Barrel of Monkeys – A lot of fun for a group. This idea can be adjusted to any size group, and the more monkeys the better. There’s an actual “Barrel of Monkeys” costume for an adult, and then everyone else can be in assorted monkey costume styles for all age ranges. An Infant Monkey Costume with a cute little monkey tail is my favorite. This costume idea really brings a group together for a barrel of laughs all night long. Accessorize with some fun inflatable bananas!

Go with one of these ideas or use them to get your creativity started. Most of these costumes can be purchased online, or if you are crafty you can try your hand at making them. You never know, you might even win a costume contest!

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