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Identifying The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Lots of people have high blood pressure, which is also called hypertension, and while there are many causes and risk factors, the only way to be sure if you have this condition is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. One single cause has not be identified for high blood pressure but there are a variety of factors that make it more likely. The following are some factors that can lead to high blood pressure.

One of the major leading causes of high blood pressure in men and women is being overweight. Obesity is the leading cause of high blood pressure in developed countries which have seen a sharp rise in cases. If you are obese your risk for other health problems and high blood pressure are often greater given early warning signs. The way to address this is fairly simple, and involves eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise, and it’s often possible to lower your blood pressure quite a bit simply by making such changes in your lifestyle.

As problems such as obesity spread, however, we are now seeing more hypertension among younger people as well. It’s recommended to have your blood pressure checked regularly, especially if you’re over forty, as this is when it becomes more likely that you’ll develop this problem. Many of your everyday activities, such as how you eat, and if you smoke, can also influence your blood pressure.

Taking prescribed, over the counter or illegal drugs can also increase your blood pressure. It’s common knowledge that high blood pressure can be caused by using cocaine and other illegal drugs. Yet you can also have your blood pressure raised by taking certain prescription drugs, such as birth control pills and many others.

Find activities that will get you off the couch. Many experts believe that high blood pressure is so common today because many people spend too much time sitting at desks all day and not getting enough exercise. It’s a proven fact that even a small to moderate amount of exercise can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

A lack of physical activity in our young people is the greatest risk to our young people where obesity and hypertension are concerned. With a bit of effort this cause of high blood pressure can be avoided or reversed. These are only a few of the causes to be aware of for hypertension. Get regular checkups if you have a family history or any of the above risk factors for high blood pressure.

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