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Hunting Versus Bowie Knives

Bowie knives are hunting knives, aren’t they? This is a common question. However, bowie knives aren’t technically hunting knives – they are multipurpose tools. Hunting knives are usually very specific in their intended use. For instance, a gut hook knife is intended for an obvious purpose. Likewise, a skinning knife is used for skinning and doesn’t perform very well for other uses. Bowie knives, on the other hand, can be used to skin, gut, chop, cut and numerous other things.

First, hunting knives (non-bowie knives) are available in a wide range of blade types. You’ll find skinning knives, gut-hook knives, drop point blades and even clip point blades (like bowie knives). Each of these blade types is designed for a very specific task. For instance, a gut hook knife can be used for other purposes than gutting, but it is intended for that purpose alone. What is the difference where bowie knives are concerned?

Bowie knives also come in a wide range of different sizes. You will find these run the gamut from a modest six inches to a massive foot and a half. You obviously will not want to use an 18-inch blade to gut a fish. However, that blade would work quite well in clearing brush, for protection and for general-purpose use. Bowie knives have an immense number of uses and their size will certainly play a role in the uses to which they are put. One of the reasons that hunting knives are so limited in the scope of their uses is their blade design. If you look at a gut hook knife, it’s hard to imagine using it for any other purpose.

However, bowie knives have a uniquely shaped blade that allows them to function just as well whether you’re using them to skin, gut, clean or cut fruit. So, bowie knives, while a well-known factor in the hunting world, are not used solely for any one particular purpose. This means that the purchase of such a knife will ensure that you have numerous benefits.

Choosing to purchase a bowie knife over a hunting knife is an excellent decision. This will ensure that you are able to use your knife in almost any situation and that you will not suffer the limitations brought on by a single-use type of knife.

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