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Hey PSP Owners – Here’s How To Find Free PSP Downloads!

If you’re the proud parent of a PSP gaming system, you’re hardly alone. This is the most popular portable gaming system and its popularity only continues to grow. Many of you out there are in need of more games; with this in mind, we present this brief guide on how to find free PSP game downloads.

Rather than buy new games, many choose to simply utilize PSP game downloads. Not only cheap but convenient (you can get new games while in your pajamas!), it’s as simple as opening a web browser.

Without further ado, here are three ways to find those free PSP downloads.

Option One: Free PSP Game Downloads

As a first step, a lot of people on the lookout for free PSP downloads simply employ a search engine. They enter “free PSP downloads” into Google, etc. and have a look.

Does this actually work?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually bring up anything worthwhile. You will find some websites that claim to offer “free PSP game downloads” but there’s a few problems you need to know about first.

For instance, on these rarely moderated sites there is a significant risk of getting infected files, viruses and spyware. Unscrupulous types take advantage of these unpoliced areas to upload bad files.

Adding insult to injury, the download speeds are very very slow on these sites. Without any real investment, server capacity and bandwidth suffer, and so will you if you try to get downloads from these sources.

Corrupt, unplayable files are another problem here. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have taken forever to download a file, you may well finally get it only to find it won’t work – having wasted your time and causing you aggravation.

Obviously, we’re not going to recommend you use any of these sites. Approach them with great caution and at your own risk.

Option Two: Free PSP Downloads

Your second option is one that many people have tried after getting frustrated with the first.

There are membership-only websites offering PSP downloads. You can download whatever you want, whenever you want (including PSP games, of course), for a monthly fee, generally around $30.

We aren’t going to talk much about this option because the next one is a whole lot cheaper and will give you access to the exact same type of PSP downloads.

Option Three: How To Find PSP Downloads

As you might have guessed, we saved our ‘top pick’ for last. This final option is what we recommend choosing if you want to use PSP game downloads on your PSP.

There are PSP game download membership sites that offer unlimited downloads for a one-time only membership fee. Instead of having to pay each month, you are only billed once and can then download games or movies whenever you want for as long as you have your PSP.

These memberships are generally between $30-$50. Instant access is provided, as are software tools needed to get those downloaded files to your PSP, where you can enjoy them.

There is a link following this article so you can have a look at some of the top rated PSP download sites, and check them out with a free trial. Setup is quick and easy, taking no more than ten minutes.

The nice thing about using these websites is that you are sure to find the newest games and be able to download quickly on your computer. The businesses that run these websites are in it to make some money so they do what it takes to keep their customers satisfied. This means fast downloads, up-to-date game selections and downloads that are guaranteed to work.

As more and more people start to download PSP games we can only imagine that game sales will drop quite drastically at the stores. Using PSP game downloads is a far cheaper and more convenient way of keeping your PSP stocked with all the games and movies you want. Enjoy!

To discover how to get a free trial at a couple of the top-rated PSP download websites, Click Here. This lets you download psp games along with movies, music and other files so you always have an easy way to find new games!

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